"What gets measured gets improved"

Peter Drucker

Technology for industries to monitoring and measuring processes 

Mogai is an innovative company that develops both software and hardware technologies to monitor and improve production processes in industry and agribusiness.


Among Mogai's clients are world-leading companies in mining, steel, oil, agribusiness, forestry and even information technology. Products for high complexity logistics control, Artificial Vision and IoT.


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Quality and Performance: Solutions for Complex Industry Problems


High complexity projects

We develop software solutions to meet challenging requirements in a wide range of applications and environments.


We make agile software with ISO/IEC 29110 international quality certificate.

Support and Product Evolution

We stay with the customer throughout the lifetime of our products and projects, making improvements and adjustments over time.

Customized software

Mogai has great experience in the design and construction of customized IT solutions for large industries.