"What gets measured gets improved"

Peter Drucker


About us 



Mogai is a ISO 29.110 certified tech company, experienced in highly complex projects for heavy industries, and at the same time innovative and agile as a startup.

We serve world leaders like Vale, ArcelorMittal, Petrobras and also medium-sized companies. Mogai stands out with projects like OPC4CP, developed in partnership with the Cisco Innovation Center; a railway automation project in Africa wonned against the world leader in the area; and we are presenting our technologies in Europe and United States. Mogai is a small and notable Brazilian Technology company.

Some differentials


Technology tailored to customer requirements, which does not have to fit into a pre-existing package, with competitive costs, with certified quality on the implementation of the solutions, and the accompaniment of the product throughout its useful life. Mogai has one case of a communication module for rail automation that has been running on the client since 1998.



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