"What gets measured gets improved"

Peter Drucker


Mogai OPC for Cisco Infrastructure


Monitor your automation network intuitively and effectively

Mogai and Cisco have invested in providing the Industrial Automation market with the networking technologies Cisco already provides for the Information Technology market, evolving the Mogai OPC package to natively integrate Cisco technologies with Cisco Prime. 


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  • To prevent faults in equipment, avoiding a stop at the factory or in assets such as a railway;
  • Identify exactly the location of the communication failure between a supervisor and an equipment, even before the fault is perceived by the operators;
  • View these alarms, classified by severity, in your Supervisor and in real time;
  • View all information on the same screen, regardless of the manufacturer of the equipment or software, even the older ones;
  • Integrate the truck tracking systems to improve the factory supply or the inventory control of your SAP;
  • Feed your SAP or your BI automatically with all this information, with plug and play deployment for devices and software that are OPC Compliant.
Evolve your industrial plant for Industry 4.0 and Logistics 4.0


With the capabilities of the Mogai OPC for Cisco Infrastructure package we can create a layer of intelligent software on a conventional industrial plant, enabling it to exhibit similar behavior to Industry 4.0. Get to know our  Logistics Mockup.


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