"What gets measured gets improved"

Peter Drucker


Measure stocks of ore, grains or any granulated material - generate high-quality 3D quickly and automatically

PhoTopography is software that integrates with the HammerHead camera, creates scaled 3Ds, without GPS, or any other complementary data. It takes only 5 minutes, walking around a pile of ore, collecting the data to automatically create a 3D with the actual dimensions and measure the volume of the pile. The result is generated in open standard file and the report with 3D in PDF.


The solution has an unparalleled feature: the ease of using the equipment. The HammerHead stereo camera can be operated by a non-technical employee after a quick training by Mogai. We provide the technology, training, support, maintenance, and evolutions of the technology.



PhoTopography is the only technology that allows topography to be done over the Internet. Ask us how.

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