"What gets measured gets improved"

Peter Drucker

Artificial Vision


HammerHead is one of the most advanced stereo cameras on the market. It shoots pairs of images calibrated at rates higher than 10 pairs of frames per second, with internal disk for recording data, access via RJ-45 or USB, and wireless command via Wi-Fi via Android application. The HammerHead generates scaled 3D point clouds, automatically. Contact us for more informations.


PhoTopogaphy is the best cost x benefit solution for granulated material volume measurement. It is also the first HammerHead-based software. The product replaces traditional topography and modern laser scanners to measure volumes of ore, soy, earth or any granular material.  See details.

Boi pastando.png
Cattle weighing system 

This is the most innovative cattle weighing solution on the market. Based on 3D Artificial Vision technology, the product allows to weigh cattle without disturbing or handling the animals. This project has turned on an independent spin-off company. Contact us for further information.